Professional Commercial Lockout Service for Mississippi and Tennessee

Lockouts are frequently made more challenging by the use of high-security locks in commercial settings. In cases of a commercial lockout, please leave it to the experts. Our staff can assist you in regaining access to your building or interior room if you have been locked out because we have extensive training and expertise working with high-security commercial locks. We provide solutions for any commercial lockout imaginable, including those caused by misplaced keys, broken keys, broken locks, and much more. We offer professional commercial lockout and locksmith services for enterprises of all sizes, including apartment buildings, governmental institutions, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing facilities, retail establishments, schools, and small businesses. Additionally, we provide you with the simplicity of rekeying locks, creating duplicate keys, replacing broken locks, and upgrading locks to ones with higher levels of security. We provide 24-hour support.

24/7 Commercial Locksmith Service

Feel free to ask if your employee accidentally locks themselves out of the building or if they misplace the company key. You can quickly enter your building with the assistance of one of our skilled business lockout specialists. Unintentionally closing an automatic door to a storefront, office, conference room, tool room, computer room, or building entry can frequently result in employees being locked out of their place of work. Duplicate keys are often not available. If you find yourself in this predicament, get assistance from commercial lockout specialists with cross-country lock and keys

Few things are as unpleasant for a business person as a lockout. We recognize that you need to get back in as soon as possible if you are locked out of your business because it can compromise profitability, the brand, and customer relationships. The Cross-country lock and keys are thankfully available to assist.

We have an emergency locksmith staff on call as a full-service commercial locksmith to respond to lockout issues around the clock, 365 days a year. Every member of our staff is a highly skilled locksmith with professional training, and we are able to open practically any lock, including mortise and deadbolt locks, without causing any harm to the lock, door hardware, or other components.


 Services for Electronic Locks

 One of the best methods to secure a facility is using an electronic lock system. We suggest an access control system that recognizes your employees and other authorized people while barring everyone else if you need to restrict access to only the authorized.

Electronic technologies like smart lock installation improve security and give you more control over the structure by enabling you to monitor and operate your locking mechanisms remotely.

We can install more modern technologies to function in tandem with any existing older electrical systems you may already have.

If that isn’t possible, we can swap out your outdated system for a new one compatible with the upgrades and enhancements you want.

Your electronic lock system can be tailored to meet your unique requirements. Find your company’s ideal locks and software by working with our team.


Business Key Replacement


Use the professionals who replace commercial keys. Cross-country Lock and Keys provides services in Tennessee and Mississippi.

Any size key replacement task for local apartment buildings, manufacturing plants, retail businesses, warehouses, and more may be handled by our highly qualified locksmiths. We are available for consulting on a comprehensive security program, including key replacement because we take the security of your business seriously. Cross-country Lock and Keys is the company that businesses in Tennessee and Mississippi have relied on for replacements of their commercial keys for years. We supply key replacements for all commercial key types and have blanks that correspond to the key inventory you currently have. Contact our staff now to learn how quick, simple, and reasonably priced it is to have new keys made for your company.


System of Security Cameras


Another kind of commercial locksmith service is entirely unrelated for locks! The Cross-country lock and keys can assist with the design and provision of CCTV security cameras, often known as video surveillance, to help you keep an eye on your enterprise.

You will have a record to look back on that can assist you in identifying the offender in the event that something does happen, whether it be theft or trespassing. Additionally, it can help you promptly identify problems like a broken door that could jeopardize even the best-laid security measures. We can also combine access control and security video systems, which is a handy option to have if you need to contextualize an audit trail.




Our security padlocks are explicitly made for locker and cabinet locks in offices, factories, schools, and athletic facilities. We have a large selection of padlocks, including those with a single key, several keys, a passkey, and even combination padlocks.

A security padlock, which is made of a compact, sturdy steel casing to prevent theft and break-ins, is a very effective deterrent. You may, for instance, safeguard a door, a piece of furniture, a bicycle, a locker, or a chest.

A high-quality padlock has parts with good mechanical strength, including the shackle, body, lock, and keys.


Programming Transponder Keys


Transponder keys, often known as chip keys, have RFID (radio frequency identification) chips inside the plastic heads of their heads. This method stopped car theft by making hot-wiring useless.

This RFID microchip is an anti-theft device that communicates with the immobilizer to unlock the vehicle. The immobilizer won’t disengage unless it can read the digital serial number. Therefore, even if a car thief was able to enter the vehicle, they couldn’t start it.

The programming must match the system code in the cars for it to function. When the right key is used, the chip inside the key disengages the immobiliser, allowing the car to start.  The majority of customers want to know if they can program a chip key themselves, but we don’t advise it. It is preferable to contact a qualified automotive locksmith to program it for you.

It might not be very pleasant to be locked out of your automobile, especially if you don’t have spare car keys. If you lack the tools to program the automobile chip key yourself, consider calling one of our locksmiths.

We specialize in dealing with immobilizer keys, designed to prevent your car from starting if you don’t have the proper transponder, as well as programming car key chips and various additional automobile accessories.

You don’t need to deal with the trouble of manually programming your automobile chip. Call CrossCountry Lock and Keys whenever you need assistance, and we will come to you wherever!


We have high criteria that must be met for every one of our projects if commercial buildings are to be safe and secure. For additional information, please browse through our commercial locksmith services list below or click a category. Commercial locksmith services, push-button locks, keyless entry systems, replacement or extra keys, building security services, cloud-based access control solutions, door unlock service, lockdown solutions, doors and frames, door hardware, locks, and key systems, among other things, are just a few of the many services we offer. Contact us right now if you want additional details or assistance deciding which commercial security systems are best for your company. We offer our services and are committed to giving you the help and guidance you require.

You can confer with our certified business locksmiths about improving your company’s protection with our creative solutions. We also market security doors, deadbolts, and other parts and products for buyers as required. Being a mobile locksmith company, we can serve you wherever you need us. Give us a call so that we can schedule your service or installation. Moreover, feel free to rely on us for prompt assistance in an emergency.