Dependable Locksmith Services in MS and TN

“We excel at providing residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith services. Anything from key-cutting & lock picking to home rekeying, and transponder key programming, we know how to please our customers.”

You can trust Cross-country Lock and Keys Services to provide you with the best locksmith services in Tennessee and Mississippi. We offer the broadest locksmith services, including residential and commercial requirements. For individuals who want the quickest response, we even provide emergency services.

Cross-country lock and keys Installation, repairs, upkeep, and upgrades for all kinds and brands of locks and safes are included in the range of locksmith products and services. The top locksmiths in Tennessee and Mississippi are our licensed technicians. They can handle your locksmith needs as swiftly as possible and are properly trained and well-equipped.

Services Offered By CrossCountry Lock and Keys

Our locksmiths provide a comprehensive range of services to meet your requirements at home, at work, and for your car. Our local locksmiths can install the keyless entry system you’ve always desired, and our emergency locksmiths are constantly on call. Transponder keys, key fobs, and lost or broken car keys can all be replaced by our auto locksmiths for a fraction of the expense of having your vehicle towed to the dealership. We have the knowledge and resources to assist you, whether you’ve run into a security problem or are ready for an upgrade.

Residential Locksmith Services in MS and TN

Your home is your base of operations, your haven, and a place where you can unwind, be who you are, and let your hair down. All of that is in jeopardy when your security is subpar, and you deserve better than that. When you contact us, we will recommend the best choice for your house and install everything correctly the first time. You may feel secure when you entrust us with your security since we only work with the most renowned members of our field who have undergone stringent screening and background checks.

Commercial Locksmith Services in MS and TN 

Security is a top priority whether your business is located in a large corporate building, a management office, or a little mom-and-pop store. The commercial locksmiths at Crosscountry Lock & Keys know that since our work’s calibre directly impacts your company’s success, we essentially become partners in it. We can service older mechanical commercial and more recent keyless electronic locks. We would be honored to assist your company in achieving greater prosperity, worker happiness, and safety.

Automotive locksmith services in MS and TN 

Losing your car key can be particularly upsetting when you don’t have a backup. For the majority of car models that are sold in MS and TN, Crosscountry Lock and Keys can provide you with a quick, effective, and economical option to cut new car keys or program extra transponders.

We also offer access to aftermarket and original car key options for all vehicle types and price ranges.

Additionally, we can provide extra automobile keys with remote central locking buttons. It has never been more affordable to buy a spare transponder, and we can program and cut them to fit practically any car.

Here are just a few of the services we offer for our locksmith services:

Installation of Door Locks

High-end security locks and systems are standard in commercial and residential buildings to protect materials, goods, persons, and information. Services for cross-country locks and keys are very demanding for waves that maximize security.

For their premises, equipment, materials, objects, and more, all commercial and residential properties use different kinds of security systems, security gadgets, and locks. Cross-country Lock and Keys is an expert in these areas and can help property owners securely secure their possessions.

Key Replacement & Copies 

Our locksmith’s ability to duplicate and replace keys is one of their primary services. It is strongly advised to make a backup copy of the original key while moving to a new home, buying a car, or renting an office in case the original is lost. If the original key is lost and there was never a duplicate manufactured, a locksmith should be able to replace it. Prior to visiting a lock shop, make sure to phone and inquire, as some need the necessary tools to produce replacement car keys. Making a duplicate or replacing a car key is a relatively simple process with the right instruction and tools.

Automatic Doors

When inspecting your doors, our qualified specialists perform tests. We check the placement of the activation devices and other sensors to see if they are within code specifications and to ensure they are functioning properly. We verify the time delays to ensure the door is closing at the correct pace. We also assess the door’s closing force and velocity. Along with these tests, we make that the required safety labels are present, in excellent shape, and placed appropriately. This ensures that your business’s doors stay locked when they should and that consumers can enter during busy times.

Why Use Services From CrossCountry Lock and Keys? 

At CrossCountry Lock and Keys, we only work with qualified staff who receive ongoing training to stay abreast of the newest brands and trends in security. We efficiently handle the professional handling of your home, business, or automotive demands. They work with dial-up, electronic security systems, and all other locks. Our locksmiths have received specialized training in access control systems, high-security locks, lock installation, auto key replacement, and lockout services.

Response to a Lockout Emergency 

Cross-country lock and keys Locksmiths are available around-the-clock. We provide a 24-hour emergency lock-opening service if you are locked out and need help.

We can open most of the door locks now on the market thanks to our expertise in non-destructive entry, which causes little hassle or harm.

We can: \Open, replace, or re-key your doors locks

Open & repair defective or broken door locks

When to Replace the Locks on Your House or Vehicle

You may need to replace the locks on your car or home. Maybe you think your neighbors are up to something. The present locks are inadequate. You’ll require locksmith services when it comes time to replace your locks. You and your roommate might no longer get along, and you don’t want anyone else to go in.

Call Cross-country Lock and Keys, and you can finally feel at ease. The locksmith will suggest high-quality locks that will improve the security of your property.

Move to a New Apartment 

Similarly to a new house is a new apartment. You don’t know who lived there before, much like when you move into a new place. You, therefore, require new locks. The locksmith needs to be among the first people you contact when moving into a new apartment. The apartment’s previous occupant or owner might still hold the keys. They might surprise you with a visit or, god forbid, even break into your home. Being safe is preferable in these circumstances. To change or modify your locks, you need to call a locksmith.

Take out Damaged Keys 

From inexpensive locks to pricey security systems, our locksmith services can locate and install most lock and hardware manufacturers. Any lock can be fitted to satisfy your insurance or any other unique lock requirements.

Additionally, we offer timely emergency services all year long at reasonable prices. Our cars are marked, and you can see the photo ID of each certified locksmith. We are committed to providing dependable, high-security locksmith services.