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Different Types of Locks and Uses

Locking our homes provides better security and safety for our assets and valuable. When it comes to home security, people always prefer the sturdiest locks that are difficult to break. Our homes use a mixture of several different types of locks, and each type of lock has its own benefits and security options that determine the level of security or protection it offers. We need to talk about the types of locks used in the home and how they can be used to secure different parts of the property and your assets.



The padlock is the most prominent type of lock and is also a well-known and widely used for securing any type of locking tool. They are suitable for obtaining cross-sectional security and can be found in various materials, sizes and loads. Padlocks are also available as key locks or combination locks depending on the customer’s inclination. When you install padlocks, ensure that the two ends are gripped together to initiate the locking mechanism.



This is one of the common types of entrance locks used in houses, mainly at all entrances that give an entrance to the house. A deadbolt is probably the most difficult to penetrate and provides the best protection against burglars who need to use force to enter the premises.

Deadbolts mostly come in three variants i.e. a screw with a rotating handle, which is used on the porches inside the house. This type of lock has a one-way locking element using a rectangular handle, which you can turn with your thumb and finger and slide the bolt to the desired location from inside the room.


Knob Locks

Knob locks are another efficient locking system that works independently on one side while remaining accessible with a key from the other. These types of locks are easy to use and give a wonderful look to your doors. However, there is a downside with knob locks i.e. they are not as sturdy as some of the other locks, such as the handle bar lock. A knob lock may also break easily due to wear and tear and poor internal integrity of the lock. Therefore, know locks should mostly be used for internal purposes and should not be used for main entrances. Knob locks are very similar to conventional locks but look slightly appealing and different. However, they are not as strong as some of the regular door handles.


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