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When should you change your locks?

Entrance locks are the main line of defense against intruders and burglars. Front doors are one of the most well-known thefts, so using secure locks to access the entrances is critical. In your circumstances, how do you feel when this is an ideal opportunity to change locks?


Consider changing the locks on yours doors after the following events:


Changing the house

Replacing locks when you move to another house is really smart – whether it’s a new building or not. No one can tell who came to the house before you, and if they made an extra key. Additionally, when you move into a new home, especially to a new area, you can never know the condition of the locks and how sturdy they are. Therefore, changing the locks seems like the logical thing for anyone.


Old tenant moving out

Replacing locks after someone has moved is vital – especially if the terms of the move were not satisfactory. Whether it’s a roommate or ex-boyfriend, it’s wiser to be protected than sorry. Even if you feel that the person is not capable of something so sinister, you should never wait to find out.


After a breaking and entering incident

Assuming you survived a home invasion, take efforts to check the status of your entrance and replace the locks. A damaged lock is more defenseless against further burglaries. It can also be an interesting chance to improve the overall security of your home. Implementing a well-monitored home security system is a proven method of reducing the risk of future burglaries.


Losing your key

Assuming you’ve lost or your keys taken away, you don’t know whose hands they might fall into. It is better to opt for precaution and change locks than to fall victim to burglary. Often, you might lose your key near the house and leaving the locks as they are can certainly increase risk to you and your family.


Old and Rusty locks

Locks can be damaged or weakened over time. Worn locks are easier to remove. Assuming this has been going on for some time, feel free to replace the locks before letting the culprit use the obvious target. When it comes to replacing old locks, you can always take the opportunity to bolster your home security by installing smart locks that work with keys, tags, biometric, as well as mobile applications. That is simply the best combination to ensure you never get locked out of your home again.

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